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Everyone is aware that Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites. It is the highest online networking website with oversized traffic. Though Facebook was meant to be used for maintaining social communication, it has overcome its limitations. People are using this platform for business purposes now.

To take advantage of this huge crowd, businesses are using Facebook to promote their content. Facebook ad manager allows people to target specific customer groups. It shows ads to the people who are actually interested in the relevant content. Therefore, the chances of getting potential customers to get increased. If you also want to promote your business on Facebook, you can get started with a Facebook ads account.

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LocalBitcoins offers people from other countries to easily exchange their neighborhood money for bitcoins.  It lets users post advertisements where they state the exchange rates and payment methods for selling their bitcoins.

If you respond to such ads, a trade will start and escrow protection will be automatically activated. The escrow system protects both the buyer and seller by keeping the bitcoins safe before the payment is done and the bitcoins is released to the customer.

Unlike other Bitcoins trading sites, LocalBitcoins.com lets you trade directly with the client and ensures maximum safety. It offers four tiers of verification steps with all the necessary information including their ID, phone number, address, bank account details, credit card details, etc.

It is completely safe to buy our LocalBitcoins account as we have used real and valid information to create our account. So, grab your account now!