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Details of Our Google Ads Accounts

  • We offer 100% genuine and active accounts.
  • All of the accounts are completely verified.
  • Our accounts are based in USA.
  • Our accounts support in all countries.
  • We have used real and valid information to verify our ads accounts.
  • We provide entirely fresh Google ads accounts with no history.
  • You can buy aged Google Ads accounts as well.
  • Our Ads accounts were created using real, unique and dedicated IP addresses.
  • Every account comes with aged US Google account and recovery email address.
  • Payment method has already been added.
  • Verified USA billing address has been provided.
  • Your ordered Google Ads account will only be dedicated to you.
  • We provide 48 hours replacement guarantee.
  • You can create safe and secure promotional campaigns with our account.

Things You Will Receive

  • You will have 100% access to your account.
  • The login details of your ads account will be provided.
  • The recovery mail will be given as well.
  • Video tutorials will be given to you for using the account and creating safe campaigns.
  • Lastly, you will receive our dedicated customer support.

Things You Need to Keep in Mind

  • You will receive the delivery via email.
  • Activate two-factor authentication as soon as you receive the delivery. This will ensure maximum security of the account.
  • You need to set up your own payment method to pay further for the campaigns. If you need Google Ads Coupon to run campaigns, you can buy it from us. Click here to see details of our Google Ads Coupon.
  • If our account doesn’t work, we will replace it for free. However, we are not responsible for campaign-related issues.
  • If you are new to Google Ads, follow our given video tutorials strictly to run the account safely, and create successful campaigns.
  • Reach us any time for any kind of help or query. We are active 24/7.

You can buy Google Ads accounts with full verification from us at a very reasonable price. Have a look!


  • Trusted seller
  • Fast delivery
  • Favorable rate
  • Active status account
  • All verification done
  • Added payment method
  • Unique IP created
  • Based on the USA
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Dedicated customer support

Google Ads is the leading ad platform in the business. Though it is tough to get on the first page of SERP through SEO, you can do it with the help of Google Ads. Imagine how much traffic you can gain when your ad will appear on the first page of SERP. You will find such a huge crowd nowhere else. With this audience and Google Ads PPC system, you can promote your business to a wide range of audiences at a low cost.

Literally, everyone uses Google to search or find out stuff. Google Ads is giving you the opportunity to use this huge audience for your benefit. You can bid on relevant keywords and book your ad spot. If you want to promote your business, Google Ads could be the optimum platform for you. All you need is a Google Ads account to get into the platform.

buy google ads accounts


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Now, creating a Google Ads account requires a lot of information and procedures. You need to own an internationally accepted credit card to verify your account. You can also use Google Ads VCC to verify the account which you can buy from us. Click here to see the details of our Google Ads VCC. However, if you don’t want to deal with all these processes, you can just buy a completely verified Google Ads account from us. To find out more information, take a look ahead!

We have hired experts to create our Google Ads accounts. Authentic information is used in the account. Thus, our accounts are less likely to be suspended or banned.  We have been in this business for a long time with a good reputation. It is completely safe to buy our Google Ads account. Contact us to place your order.


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